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What is Wasteful Dissipation of Marital Assets?

Wasteful dissipation occurs when one spouse wastes or intentionally fails to protect marital assets. As simple as this may sound, proving wasteful dissipation of marital assets in court is actually a complex matter that requires experienced legal representation.

A judge will only consider your spouse’s behavior as wasteful dissipation if it is outside of the norm. If your spouse was a frivolous spender throughout the marriage and you are only alleging that it was wasteful dissipation because of the divorce, it is unlikely a judge will rule in your favor.

Common Forms of Wasteful Dissipation

Wasteful dissipation can come in many forms. In some cases, a spouse may spend marital assets in anticipation of a divorce to keep the other spouse from being awarded a fair share.

Below are some common examples of wasteful dissipation in a divorce case:

  • Extreme gambling
  • Excessive spending on recreational drugs, alcohol, or partying
  • Spending assets on an extramarital affair
  • Frivolously wasting marital assets
  • Failing to protect property or other assets

It is also important to note that a judge will not consider your spouse’s spending habits wasteful dissipation if it did not involve a substantial sum of money. If your spouse had an extramarital affair, but only went on a few dinner dates, the sum would not be enough for a judge to consider this wasteful dissipation. However, if your spouse went on lavish vacations or spent vast amounts of money on expensive hotels to conduct an extramarital affair, this might be a case of wasteful dissipation.

If a judge rules in your favor, you may be awarded a larger share of marital assets to compensate you for the marital assets your spouse wasted.

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