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All of us have seen or heard about the contentious divorce process where two parties battle it out in court over important family issues. These issues are deeply personal and will likely have an enormous impact on their lives and the lives of their children. Such divorces are often driven by animosity between the spouses whose main concerns may not be based on the best interests of everyone involved. Enter the collaborative divorce process, which seeks to reach a fair settlement through better communication, honesty, problem solving, and a compassionate approach that prioritizes the welfare of all concerned.

When contemplating a divorce, you may not feel that the above can be achieved or even attempted. With the help of professionals trained in the mechanics of collaborative divorce, however, you may find it to be the better path. At Hope Law Firm, our Des Moines collaborative divorce lawyers have extensive experience, training, and insight into helping couples reach a divorce settlement with less stress, in less time, and in a more cost-effective manner. With a combined 75 years of experience in handling divorce, we have earned a reputation as a high-value, proven, and respected team.

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What Is a Collaborative Divorce?

A collaborative divorce is one in which the divorcing couple is each represented by his or her own attorney.

The two attorneys will meet with each other exclusively, with their own clients, and in group settings where all four parties will discuss and problem solve various divorce issues.

These issues may include:

Other professionals may be utilized in the process as well, such as divorce coaches, child specialists, or financial advisers whose roles will be to provide pertinent information and guidance on specific matters.

The entire purpose of the collaborative divorce process is to enable the two parties to come to a more amicable agreement that is aimed at the greatest good for the entire family. This puts the divorcing couple in the driver’s seat regarding the settlement as opposed to the arbitrary judgment of a family court. Once a settlement has been reached, the attorneys will submit it to the court for approval.

Want a Less Costly, Less Combative & Less Time-Consuming Divorce?

Our Des Moines collaborative divorce lawyers have a successful track record in helping couples reach faster, less painful settlements through the collaborative process. We encourage you to consider this option and to let us use our skills to help you reduce the cost, the time, and the potential adversity of a divorce.

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