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3 Things You Should Know Before Filing for Divorce in IA

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After contemplating divorce for some time, you’re finally ready to start the filing process. However, before you begin downloading documents and signing dotted lines, there are a couple of things our Des Moines divorce firm thinks you should know!

1. Iowa’s Residency Requirement

The first thing you should know is Iowa’s divorce residency requirement.

You can only file for an Iowa divorce if your situation fulfills one of the following conditions:

  1. The respondent (the person you’re divorcing from) is an Iowa resident; or
  2. The petitioner (you, since your filing the divorce) has been a resident of Iowa for the past year.

If your situation fails to fulfill one of these conditions, you cannot file for an Iowa divorce until one is fulfilled.

2. Iowa Recognizes “No Fault Divorce”

In the past, a spouse seeking a divorce had to prove a legal ground (like adultery, abuse, etc.) for the split; however, things have changed. Iowa adheres to a strict “no fault divorce” policy, which means marriages are dissolvable when there is “evidence” of a breakdown of a marital relationship.

In no fault divorce scenarios, the petitioner doesn’t have to prove anything to obtain a divorce. All that to say, when you file for an Iowa divorce, there’s no chance that it can be stopped by other forces. If you want a finalized divorce, you’re going to get a finalized divorce.

3. Your Spouse Can Disagree with Your Court Order

When filing for a divorce, you will lay out various facts in your divorce order. While you may have evidence proving the truth of these facts, your spouse may disagree or contradict these facts with his or her evidence. In other words, the order you create may drastically change over the course of your divorce proceedings.

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