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Divorce Mistakes to Avoid


Embarking on the journey of divorce is overwhelming, frustrating, and often painful. Many people did not anticipate finding themselves in this position, catching them off guard. The universality of divorce makes it challenging even for couples who knew this impending day would come, bringing them happiness. Due to the emotionally-charged nature of this experience, you may have to unlearn your instincts as they can do more harm than good.  

While it may feel good to engage in certain behaviors, especially since you are no longer obligated to do what your ex wants, these mistakes can lead you down a path of no return. Though frustrating, this sustainment is only temporary and once the divorce is complete, you can handle your personal life as you wish.

Many people make predictable divorce mistakes, all of which should be avoided. Do not do the following:

  • Share divorce details on social media, which almost always comes back to haunt you
  • Openly date too quickly
  • Forget to update your will and retirement
  • Fail to seek financial or legal counsel
  • Isolate yourself from friends, family, or loved ones
  • Fail to address your emotional needs, in which seeing a therapist may be useful for you
  • Refuse to communicate with your ex, especially if you have children
  • Put your children in the middle

As you can imagine, embarking this process requires a legion of supporters to guide and counsel you through. This is why our firm highly recommends you arming yourself with top-rated counsel from all sides, including financial advisors, therapists, and other professionals who won’t give up on you.

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